Return of Live Music

Being a lifelong musician and being the parent of a musical family, I have gotten into quite a few debates about the new generation of musical artist. We are two generations removed from the birth of Rap and Hip Hop…

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Music in the Beginning

There have been many arguments about the origin of man on earth. The two primary reasons being creation theory VS Evolution theory, but I wonder if you have ever considered music as a source of evidence for one of these…

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Power Twins [part 2]

In Power Twins part 1, I talked about the Power Twin called Mentors. Now in this Power Twin part 2 blog, learn about other Power Twin: Role Models. Read on. 

Role Models are the most misinterpreted of the…

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Power Twins [part 1]

Role Model and Mentor 

I LOVE to watch the Marvel movies! They re-create all of the superheroes that I read about in the comics as a kid. Those superheroes gave us a sense of hope and optimism about…

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Falling Gracefully

The Art of Improvisation 


Toy story is one of my all time favorite animated movies!! Did you watch the movie? Do you remember the scene in the film where Buzz Light Year is showing off a little bit…

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Do You Speak Music?

Have you ever thought about the fact that all around the world in every gathering of human community there are two things amongst others that we all have in common? One is that we all have formulated a way to…

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Could Music Be Aerobics for Your Brain?

Do you really want to experience a good aerobic workout that is good for your brain? Well, try playing a musical instrument. Studies show that nothing gets the brain neurons fired up quite like playing a musical instrument. 
When you…

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Back to School Jam!

Labor Day is over. It's time for us to get back to school. Why not get back to music school? Music can help you in your personal and professional life. Music training can help you focus better, be disciplined, be…Read more

MIM Labor Day Sale

Labor Day is that day on our calendar we celebrate the work of our hands. "Unofficially," it marks the end of the summer. What do you think of when the calendar marks Labor Day? Perhaps...Back to School? Back to the…Read more

Musical Heros vs Musical Role Models

I‘ve been asked millions of times in my musical career “who were your musical heroes when you were young?” I had a few that I would mention such as Charlie Parker, John Coltrane for Saxophone; Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, James…Read more