E. Daniels (I’ll Go, 2013) 
Jazmine Sullivan (Reality Show, 2011) 
E. Daniels (Redeemed, 2011) 
Theresa Noye (You Saw Me, 2011) 
Micheal Weatherby (A Night In the Fog, 2011) 
Sharon Baptist Church (Sing Unto the Lord a New Song 2008) 

CareView Community Church (We are His 2007) 

John Murray (Worship 2006) 

Breath of Heaven (Off Broad-Way 2004) 

Randy Gibson (Double Portion 2003) 

Divine Praise (Brand New 2002) 

Hansoul (New Jerusalem 2002) 

Imani (Break of Dawn 2001) 

Tony Moore and Jehovah Chosen (2000) 

Dawne Lewis (Worth Waiting For 1999) 

Sister Sledge (African Eyes 1997) 

Tony Fields & New Testament Ensemble (1996) 

Bryan Pugh and Friends (Peaceful Peace 1996) 

Rev. Yvette Flunder (There’s Power 1996) 

Minister Martin Palmer and the SCCGW Choir (Send Your Anointing 1995) 

Pastor George Tynes (Only Believe 1995) 

Glenn Washington and Youth Delegation (Stand Up for Jesus 1994) 

Jamaladeen Taccuma (Boss of the Bass 1993) 

Teddy Pendergrass (A Little More Magic 1993) 

Lorenzo (Lorenzo 1992) 

Justice League (The Verdict: Case 01 1991) 

Sybil (Sybilization 1990) 

Robbie Mychals (One Mile From Paradise 1990) 

Linda Sharroch (On Holiday 1990)